New public library designed as a mountain of books

The Spijkenisse Book Mountain, close to Rotterdam's dockland, invites readers to climb a 480 metre route lined with bookshelves.

12 October 2012

The shelves wrap around a stacked, pyramidal form climbing inside the library’s glass structure. Lit up from inside, or seen through the glass walls from outside, the book mountain is an advertisement and an invitation to reading. The library is part of a neighbouring social housing, parking and public space project.

The 9,300-square-metre building houses an environmental education centre, a chess club area, auditoriums, meeting rooms, commercial offices, and retail space. A café at the top of the pyramid offers panoramic views of the town. And the bookshelves are made from recycled flowerpots...

And you can now take a short video tour - see link opposite.


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