undefined3D printer
3D printer at Dokk1, Aarhus

Finland's first container library
Pirkko Lindberg, Director of Library Services for the city of Tampere, describes the creation of Nekala Branch Library, Finland's first container library.
Open all hours
Controlled access to library collections, computers and meeting spaces outside normal staffed hours provides libraries with the opportunity to extend their opening hours to more visitors.
Making space for makerspaces
Warwickshire's Let’s Make Spaces allow people of all ages and digital skill levels to get hands-on with the latest technology. Ayub Khan explains.
Digital library spaces
Designing library spaces for users today means embedding digital services in physical spaces and creating interactive, engaging library services.
Dementia friendly public spaces
Great Sankey Neighbourhood Hub, Warrington, is believed to be the first fully integrated, dementia friendly wellbeing building and public library in the UK.
A starter guide to library makerspaces
In all its many guises, a makerspace is essentially a place for collaborative and creative learning. Kate Lomax of Artefacto guides you through the maze.
Merton’s transformation journey
The London Borough of Merton is transforming its library spaces through innovation, collaboration and consultation – increasing usage while reducing costs.
Design innovation in school libraries
How do you design a school library that will be more than a ‘book corner’? Designing Libraries takes a look at some innovative design solutions.
Library design awards
How are library design awards administered and judged? What purposes do they serve and what contribution can they make to standards of library design?
Designing beautiful data
As BDS celebrates 21 years originating and supplying library data, John Hudson looks back on how much has changed, and how the design and presentation of data is now an integral part of the user journey of discovery.
Rethinking libraries in Surrey
Two new library refurbishment projects in Surrey have allowed the library service to introduce new ideas and new ways of working, writes Katie Kinnear.
Idea Stores: the next generation
The Idea Store concept pioneered in Tower Hamlets is now ten years old. What lessons have been learned - and what still remains to be learned?