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Innovative solutions for faster and more convenient services

Roy McCready, Systems Manager at the University of Liverpool, explains: “We had to quickly replace our existing, obsolete equipment and were looking for innovative solutions that would provide more convenient services and more effective workflows.”

Telepen and the University of Liverpool worked together on a solution, winning the tender for both self-service kiosks and sorting equipment projects.

Seven RFID self-service kiosks were installed across the two main libraries and the university’s veterinary school. The kiosks provide a complete self-service solution that requires minimal staff intervention and retains full functionality in the event of a network outage. The kiosks were programmed to be able to read the students’ individual barcodes directly from their phones which allow them to review their account status and check in or out multiple stacks of items with up to 15 items per stack.

In addition to the kiosks, one book sorter was installed at each of the main libraries. The sorters are specially designed to be both quiet and extremely economical while still allowing for fast and accurate sorting of library materials with very little need for staff intervention. The modular design of the sorters makes them an extremely flexible solution and means it is possible to build a system to fit the space available.

The benefits of these systems have been plain to see at the University of Liverpool. Students have noticed that the libraries are now easier to use, and queuing has been cut down dramatically. The automated systems have also helped to free up staff time. The University now has the peace of mind that they have quality products and services in place, supported by a reliable specialist in this sector.