undefinedFarndon Fields Primary School

A library at the heart of the school

Nikki Matthew had a vision for the school when she became Headteacher at Farndon Fields Primary School four years ago and that was to create an inspiring library which would become the heartbeat of the school.

“Everything begins with reading,” says Nikki. “The more reading children do, the more they learn. I wanted the school to have a library that would be the heart of the school and I’m absolutely delighted with what BookSpace have created for us.”

The brief to BookSpace was two-fold. Create a space that children would find inspirational and where they would want to spend time reading. But also reflect the local heritage. The school is based only 15 minutes from where the infamous Battle of Naseby took place and Nikki and her team were keen to reflect this important historical event in the library design.

BookSpace looked at several design treatments, each of which answered the brief but in a different way. One option included ICT desking and another created a secret reading space behind an archway which the school loved and decided to go with.

“Because it was a PTA funded project we were really pleased with the presentation materials BookSpace supplied. Big boards, with fabric and laminate samples meant the PTA team could use these to promote the project at their fundraising events.”

“Already we’ve seen a difference in pupils’ attitudes to reading,” says Katie Prime, Literacy Leader. “They’re definitely enjoying it and reading a lot more. I think it’s a combination of having the books at the right level and having a nice space for them to be in choosing books.”