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Gateshead Teens area

A customer-centred approach to library design

Since 2000, Opening the Book has applied the same ground-breaking style to creating a customer-centred approach to library space planning. Opening the Book now specialises in the design and installation of library interiors.

We create bespoke spaces designed to deliver a high quality experience for the end user while functioning as a practical working space for staff. We give attention to stock planning and promotion, people flow, navigation and signage  to create a coherent space in which the library offer is delivered with clarity and focus.

Whether it’s a public, academic or school library, we are experts at creating spaces which accommodate the needs of every type of user.

Everything we do is tested by our customers – we build our furniture through detailed testing and prototyping, ensuring the final product is both high quality and appropriate to the task. Our team of fitters work to a high level of craftsmanship to ensure the library will always look as good as the day it was built.

Products and services

  • Library space planning
  • Interior design and fit
  • Library staff training
  • Consultancy


For design and training enquiries:

Opening the Book Ltd
80 Carleton Road
West Yorkshire

Tel: 01977 602188/602988

For enquiries about furniture:

Opening the Book Furniture
7b St Michael's Court
Warstone Parade East
Jewellery Quarter
Birmingham B18 6NR

Tel: 0121 246 8260