This news item from ABC News reports on the changing use of libraries in Western Australia, and the need for financial and structural changes in policy to make libraries relevant now. 

State Library of WA chief executive Margaret Allen said as has been the case with most industries, technology had been a major disruptor.

"Everything from e-books, which of course are increasing in popularity, to the role that we play in providing access to technology, and helping people with the skills to use technology effectively.

"Libraries used to be very much based around the collection and a borrowing model and it's very different now. Libraries have had to evolve to make spaces for the whole community."

The funding model WA Libraries operate under was drawn up in the 1950's and only provides money for books and materials. Many library staff believe the model is outdated and the money could be better spent on community programs or technology.

Source: Pamela Medlen, ABC News