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With significant enhancements over the past eight months, quickConnect™ sets a high standard for self-service experiences and will now power all bibliotheca self-service solutions. When linked with cloudLibrary™, quickConnect™ empowers libraries to transform physical and digital collections, allowing users to discover and borrow digital eBooks and eAudiobooks from any selfCheck™ kiosk within the library.

Discovery and visibility

Increasing discovery of new physical titles through reading recommendations, quickConnect™ increases the visibility and circulation of library collections. Libraries can additionally promote events in a revolutionary new way, taking advantage of the user’s attention when and where they have it. quickConnect™ is designed to help libraries evolve with their communities and find new ways to connect with users.

The continued integration, innovation and expansion of cloudLibrary™ now brings the exciting user registration capability to libraries, enabling them to quickly and easily gain new users who may not have set foot in the physical library.

Linking products together for easy management

Linking all products together is libraryConnect™, the dedicated portal for bibliotheca customers to easily manage a range of equipment, access self-help documentation and guides and connect with other library users. This powerful cloud-based gateway is easily configured across all of libraries, allowing users to remotely access comprehensive statistics and status updates from selfCheck™, AMH and security detection hardware. The powerful device configuration section of libraryConnect™ alleviates hours of staff time trying to access multiple pieces of hardware in many different locations.

Matt Bellamy, Chief Commercial Officer of bibliotheca commented: “The news today is significant for bibliotheca and its customers as we are announcing a portfolio which is unmatched in the industry. This product set will help libraries of all shapes and sizes around the world deliver unique library experiences, and extend access to libraries and their services.”