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In 2013, the school library at St. Augustine’s Catholic Primary School, Coventry, languished in a corner of the school. The bookshelves were old, the books uninspiring and hard to access. Children hardly visited, and when they did, it was not an enjoyable experience.

Most year groups were not making good progress in reading, and a school questionnaire revealed that a large majority of the children said they did not enjoy reading, and were not interested in the books in the library.

Planning a new library

Funding was secured from the school budget with the simple aim of putting reading at the heart of the school. The plan was to relocate the library to a central position within the school, creating an exciting and inviting area with new book stock.

Peters Books & Furniture were approached to design a new library. The designer worked well with the school, keeping firmly in mind the need to present the children with an amazing space with tempting displays to encourage leisure-reading at home as well as at school.

A year on...

After-school reading groups are held for both children and parents in the library. Displays of books are changed weekly to excite interest, plus a ‘Reading Hero of the Day’ award is given daily in the library to reward great reading behaviour.

Since the new library was opened:

  • A whole-school questionnaire has revealed that 98% of children now like or love reading
  • Children and staff talk about books and share books and cannot wait to read books
  • Home Reading Diaries show that children are reading more often at home too
  • Progress in reading at the end of summer term 2015 was good or outstanding in nearly every year group.