Creating places where people feel welcome

His experience in architecture, marketing, economics, sociology, psychology, and communication evokes social change through the design of third places.

The multidisciplinary approach combining architecture, marketing, design, and communication, makes aatvos a great source of inspiration for a wide variety of clients like governmental organisations, municipalities, libraries theatres, universities, and many more.

Looking to create a welcoming third place that is widely supported by your organisation? You need a sympathetic understanding of people and a professional eye for space. The custom workshop from aatvos provides the foundation for the interior design to create a third place where people feel inspired to meet up, socialise, learn and grow. The workshop can be downloaded from the website.

Public spaces keep our society vital and intact. Unfortunately, the public domain is becoming increasingly less public as it falls victim to the whims of commercial parties. Those whose wallets cannot afford to pay the required entrance fee or that branded cup of coffee are starting to be left behind. Inclusion and equality are keystones for creativity and innovation, which is why revitalising third places such as cultural centres and libraries is an urgent mission.