David Wilson Library relocation

Planning for continuity of service during academic library and school relocation.

David Wilson Library 

Expertise in university library relocation

In this case study Harrow Green describes its experience of education moves, including relocation during the construction of the David Wilson Library at the University of Leicester.

At the University of Leicester we worked closely with the building contractor to minimise disruption during the creation of large atria through the existing university library structures. We relocated many miles of books, journals and scholarly materials.

When the building works created a shortage of suitable storage space on site, we provided temporary secure storage at our Birmingham facility. From there we provided a next-day delivery service for items required urgently. Staff were able to continue delivering services throughout the construction period – so effectively, in fact, that student satisfaction actually rose during the period.

Local and national capacity

Harrow Green’s widespread UK network means that clients are never far from one of our facilities. As a result, we were able to deploy local staff promptly and cost-effi ciently as soon as the contract with the University of Leicester was agreed. We worked with professional staff to manage every stage of the planned move.

“I'd like to say how impressed I am by the organisation during the move. Today I've needed three books in three different sections on three floors, and have had no trouble each time despite the large-scale moving.”

Library user at the University of Leicester

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