undefinedIntake Primary School

An exciting, vibrant space

With the old school library beginning to look tired and in need of a revamp, the staff had a clear vision for the new library: it needed to become an exciting, vibrant room where the children could spend more time discovering and reading books.

FG worked closely with Intake Primary School staff and after an initial proposal and a few revisions, the school were in love with the design!

The design proposal featured a curved laminate section with a circular hideaway and feature archway. This was set perpendicular to the StoryWall, with the curve bringing the feature towards the entrance. The StoryWall featured shelving, two hideaways and decorative overhead panels.

Some bespoke charging units were also incorporated into the design. ‘Dream it! Believe it! Achieve it!’ was the slogan applied to the wall as vinyl graphics to remind the pupils of the school’s inspirational motto.

The tiered seating adds further interest and a defined reading corner, while flexible reading nooks were created with the coral seating and beanbags. Decorating, new blinds and carpets were added by the school which complemented the furniture perfectly, creating a modern, fun space for the pupils for years to come.